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A Coupling Nut is also called as an extension nut, which is a type of threaded fastener that is used for joining two male threads, mainly pipes. If you want to buy them and looking for one of the most trusted Coupling Nut Manufacturers In Delhi, you can contact Swarna Fasteners. We deal with different types of Nut Fasteners and assure that you’ll get the best range in advanced quality at the most affordable prices.




Several Benefits That MS Coupling Nut Offers Are:

  • The small hole in the nut allows visual verification to check whether the threads are fully engaged or not.
  • These are ideal to use as standoffs or spacers.
  • Can be helpful for joining different parts.
  • Have its applications in different areas.
  • Hex shape of the nut allows easy and strong gripping.
  • Have anti-corrosion property.

Application Areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Automotive

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