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Stainless Steel Wing Nut Manufacturers In Delhi, Ludhiana India

Stainless Steel Wing Nut Suppliers

A wing nut is a type that has two wings, one on each side for easy tightening and loosening without even use of any tool. Swarna Fasteners is one of the prominent Stainless Steel Wing Nut Manufacturers in Delhi, India. We have these wing nuts manufactured with great precision and care to ensure it works as it is supposed to be. We have the right resources and facilities to manufacture and store bulk orders before sending them to you.

Excellent Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Wing Nuts:

  • Best to be used in applications where frequent adjustments are needed
  • Also, they are preferred for the applications where hand tightening is sufficient
  • Unique design, single thread and great stability
  • Highly durable and dependable in terms of performance

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