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Mild Steel Flange Nut Manufacturers In Delhi, Ludhiana India

Mild Steel Flange Nut Suppliers

Our flange nuts designed to absorb greater amounts of pressure and strain by distributing it evenly within the nut. Eliminating the need of a washer or even a lock nut, these flange nuts are quite useful in a diverse set of applications. Being one of the leading Mild Steel Flange Nut Manufacturers In Delhi, India, Swarna Fasteners is dedicated to deliver premium quality products to its clients.

Why Our Mild Steel Flange Nut?

  • Washers like base to distribute strain over a greater surface area
  • Designed to ensure the fasteners stay tight for years
  • Ideal to be used in assemblies where speed is of utmost importance as there is no need for washers
  • Also acts as a locking nut by preventing loosening from vibrations

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